About Cure Herbal Remedies

Cure Herbal Remedies is a dynamic company which strive to provide Herbal (Unani & Ayurvedic) Medicine, both Patent, Classic and Juice of superior quality.


Cure Herbal Remedies formed on sign of high quality and is very particular to mix the exact amount of ingredients, whilst manufacturing high standard medicines & continuous R & D Market Research, Feedback from the users.

This company is indebted to the experience and advice of experienced famous doctors. Due to the high standards and credibility of our medicines, we have representatives worldwide.


The founder of this company, the late Mr. Hakeem Muhammad Ikram (may his soul rest in peace), inherited the skills of this art from famous, experienced doctors of the era. He worked tirelessly to promote this field of medicine for the benefit of mankind. His achievement, services and invaluable advices cannot be forgotten. Cure Herbal Remedies is the fruits and results of the experience, sincerity and striving of the late founder.


Generally this skill is buried with the experienced person, but it was the desire of this great personality to promote and benefit mankind with minimum financial profits. A great Unani Physician leaves behind a great team of wellknown qualified scholars who has continued this mission with great courage and perseverance.


Few enthusiastic and hardworking young members are actively involved in this venture, to meet the demands of the time and to excel the modern age medication.


Cure Herbal Remedies offer over 500 herbal health care products, toiletries and diet supplements are waging a relentless war against all diseases afflicting humanity. With continuous improvements and research in processing and manufacturing techniques, Cure Herbal Remedies brings you tried and trusted formulations, improved with modern research. The strict specifications set by the masters of Unani Herbal Supplements are followed religiously. The products are registered as per norms prescribed by the Drug Controller of India and are ISO 9001:2015 & GMP certified.



The company has been awarded for “Best Unani Manufacturing Company” in the year 2011-12.


“Hakim Ajmal Khan Award” in the year 2014-2015



The area we are situated in, is very favorable and appropriate for natural medicines. All our raw material is from natural resources directly and grown in the foothills of Shiwalik mountainous region near us.