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Active Sperm – For Vigour & Vitality

Active sperm is the best fertility medicine for men. It is useful in increasing sperm count and premature ejaculation. It also provides relief from back pain caused by nocturnal emissions and sexual weakness.

Golden Night Tila


Massage Oil

Benefits: Tonic for the male organ. Massage of Golden Night Tila makes the nerves, and muscles strong and develops the male organ. It makes the male organs strengthen & satisfactory performance. Relief pain and dryness. Usage: Take sufficient quantity (3-5 drops) and massage slowly, over the length except the tip and sleeve laid on the lower surface. CAUTION:- Don’t  make sexual contact during the use of Golden Night Tila, Or as directed by the physician

Goli Night Rider


For Vigour & Vitality

♂ Goli Night Rider corrects erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. ♂ It improves libido and helps maintain erection. ♂ Improves sperm count and quality of semen.

Directions for use:

2 pills to be taken before 3-4 hours from intercourse with milk.

Jirya Cure


 General Debility and Weakness, for Men

Jirya Cure is prepared with various valuable & selected unique herbs. Spermatorrhoea is a tragic disorder that results in general debility, Inaptitude to work, disinclination for sexual intercourse, and ultimately impotence. ♂ Jirya Cure controls Spermatorrhoea, Premature ejaculation. ♂ Relieves backache due to sexual debility. ♂ Control the nocturnal emission of semen without intercourse, often while sleeping. ♂ Increases density of semen.


10-20 ml morning and evening should be taken after meals. Or as directed by the physician.